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72106_563231813699832_88580647_nTired of throwing the same old birthday party? Looking for the coolest birthday party in New Orleans? The ultimate party idea for kids of all ages?   We’ve got it!  NOLA Games On Wheels provides the ultimate gaming experience right at your front door in our luxury limo style theater! It’s the perfect no-mess no-stress birthday party experience that will make you the coolest parent on the planet.

150697_517431131613234_1728633653_nThe look on the face of the birthday boy or girl when the NOLA Games On Wheels Video Game Truck rolls up into your neighborhood will be priceless. Our luxury, limo-style Game Theater on wheels features 7 wide screen high-definition TVs, surround sound, a laser light show, an action station, and the best games and consoles!  28 can play at the same time (weather permitting)!

Worried about video game ratings?  Don’t be! We understand the importance of providing appropriate games for your party. When you book your party, you select the appropriate game ratings for your guests and we adjust the game library accordingly. See our game inventory here.

Laser Tag GunsOur Laser Tag parties are a blast!  We’ve got high-tech laser taggers, a custom playing field with obstacles that allow players to “take cover,” a Game Coach/Referee to instruct players and oversee game play, and lots more!  You can even combine our mobile video game theater and Laser Tag together for the most awesome party in New Orleans!
Read more about our Laser Tag parties here!

We set up, we entertain and we clean up!

Game Truck Birthday Party Packages include:

■Up to 30 Full-Color invitations and/or electronic invitations
■A Game Coach to assist with your party.
■Use of our extensive video game library
■Use of our gaming consoles and 7 High-Definition TV’s (Including 2 outside TV’s  dependent on weather conditions.)
■Stadium Seating with surround sound and amazing lighting

Laser Tag Birthday Party Packages include:

■Up to 30 Full-Color invitations and/or electronic invitations
■A Game Coach/Referee to assist with your party.
■Use of our high-tech laser taggers and custom obstacle/barriers
■10 players at once (we can rotate players for larger groups!)

 Video Game Theater:


Laser Tag Parties:


Combination Parties:


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